For the complete 9 day schedule check out the flyer: Northern Maine Fair Handout

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Barry Bartley

Vice President

Jessica Winslow

 Second Vice President

Rick Guerrette


Christa Galipeau


Tom Gagnon

Assistant Treasurer

Robert Flewelling

 Immediate Past President

Carol Bell

Management Decisions Made by the Officers and Selected Committee Chairs

Board of Trustees

Allen, George - Chapman, ME

McCartney, Kevin – Caribou, ME

Bartley, Barry - Presque Isle, ME

McKenna, Mark – Mapleton, ME

Bell, Carol - Presque Isle, ME

Shaw, Roger – Mars Hill, ME

Berube, Terry - Presque Isle, ME

Smith, Steven – Mapleton, ME

Buckingham, Leon - Ashland, ME

Thompson, Rodney - Presque Isle, ME

Bugbee, Russell – Mapleton, ME

Thompson, Nancy - Presque Isle, ME

Bugbee, Shawn - Mapleton, ME

Tompkins, George – Presque Isle, ME

Clark, Larry - Presque Isle, ME

Walton, Duane - Caribou, ME

Cloukey, AJ - Presque Isle, ME

Winslow, Carrie - Mapleton, ME

Estey, James – Presque Isle, ME

Winslow, Jessica - Mapleton, ME

Flewelling, Gaylen – Easton, ME

Winslow, Lynwood - Mapleton, ME

Gagnon, Tom E. – Presque Isle, ME

Wright, Gene - Presque Isle, ME

Grass, Todd - Mars Hill, ME


Guerrette, Rick – Presque Isle, ME


Harding, Alan – Presque Isle, ME


Hoffses, Roger – Presque Isle, ME


Hunter, Laura – Presque Isle, ME


Jordan, William - Westfield, ME


Lamoreau, Ray – Presque Isle, ME


Leavitt, Dora – Caribou, ME


LeBlanc, Andrew – Mapleton, ME


Mahan, Rodney – Mars Hill, ME


Martin, Lisa – Presque Isle, ME



Honorary Trustees

Buck, Mary Anne – Mapleton, ME Lynch, Paul – Presque Isle, ME  
Bushey, Ray – Ashland, ME Reed. III, Walter – Fort Fairfield, ME
Chandler, Don – Mapleton, ME Sawyer, Robert – Ashland, ME
Churchill, John – Washburn, ME Smith, Sr., Carl – Mars Hill, ME
Churchill, Nate – Zephyr Hills, FL Theriault, Jr., Lionel – Caribou, ME
Freeman, Gregg – Presque Isle, ME  
Hews, Edward – Presque Isle, ME  

The Northern Maine Fair is a member of the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs