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Sat. Night 7/27/2024
5pm Open - 1am Close

84 Mechanic St.
Presque Isle, Maine

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Bleacher campaign

The Aluminum Bleacher Capital Campaign is a fund-raiser dedicated to the purchasing of new, safe, bleachers for the Northern Maine Fairgrounds.

Get your permanent engraved 3”X1” nameplate on a bleacher seat by donating $150 or donate more and get additional perks!

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Northern Maine Agricultural Fair – Demolition Derby Sponsored by Katahdin Trust Company & Katahdin Financial Services

IN FRONT OF THE GRANDSTAND Sunday, August 6, 2023 — 4:00PM

20 Car Limit
1st Prize - $1,000 2nd Prize - $700 3rd Prize - $500
Every contestant that makes the grand finale receives a $50.00 award.

There will be a “Prettiest Car” contest. The track officials will pick the vehicles, the crowd will vote, the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair will present $100.00 for 1st place, and $50.00 for 2nd place, $40.00 for 3rd place and $30.00 for 4th place.
Rules and Regulations:

  1. Each driver must be 18 years old or older, and fill out an entry form. Limit 2 cars per driver.

  2. All rules and regulations must be observed or will result in disqualification. Derby officials reserve the right to approve or reject any

    and all entries.

  3. Only owners, drivers, and mechanics will be permitted in the pit area or on the track. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  4. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed. Any owners, drivers or pit crew caught drinking will result in automatic disqualification of car.

    Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in disqualification. NO OBSCENITIES MAY BE DISPLAYED ON CARS! Front doors must be

    kept clean for car numbers ONLY!

  5. Tires must be stock size and filled with air only. Antifreeze must be removed and replaced with water. SUBJECT TO INSPECTION BY


  6. All cars will be inspected prior to the derby for all rules and regulations.

  7. ENTER EARLY! All drivers and cars must be entered and at the track 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled start time of the derby.

  8. There will be no gate charge for drivers. There will be a $25.00 registration fee for each car entered in the derby.

Participation Rules:

  1. Any American or Canadian made stock hardtop auto, station wagon or mini van is allowed. No trucks, Jeeps, Chrysler Imperials, commercial vehicles,

    or hearses, etc., will be allowed.

  2. All glass and chrome trim and anything that might become imbedded in the track must be removed from the car before bringing it on the fairgrounds.

    Remove back seats, headliner, rugs, and clean out the trunk. Don’t leave broken glass in the doors. They must be cleaned out. Call on windshield


  3. A maximum of five gallons of gasoline will be allowed. Stock gas tanks secured in right hand back seat area only. Safely tie down gas tank with metal

    straps. (Recommend 5 gallon boat tank – not required.) Cars that must have electric fuel pumps need to have a shut off toggle switch mounted on the

    dash on the left side of the driver and so marked or labeled.

  4. Steel reinforcements will be allowed on front doors only. Reinforcements should not protrude more than 3 inches from door and should not extend

    more than 6 inches on hinge or jam side of door. Roll cage for driver’s allowed. Cannot have forward or rear supports. Trailer hitches must be


  5. Seat belts and helmets are required. All doors must be welded at least 8 inches top or bottom on each end of each door. You may chain doors

    through each door and around the post. ALL DOORS – BOTH ENDS! Helmets must have a chin strap and must be secured. Drivers must wear

    boots, gloves, shirts, and pants. NO shorts or sneakers are allowed!

  6. Drivers must maneuver forward or backward. No deliberate head-on collisions or deliberately ramming driver’s door. This can lead to disqualification.

  7. A time limit will be set by judges. If a driver does not hit a live car within the time limit, this can lead to disqualification. DO NOT PLAY POSSUM.

  8. If hood is welded, it must have 24 X 36 inch hole in center. If trunk is welded, it must have a 24 X 36 inch hole in center. If not welded, Drivers must

    use chain or wire to fasten shut for easy access in case of fire. NO reinforcements of any kind under the carriage!

  9. All derby vehicles must be removed from grounds by the owner at the end of the derby. This is your responsibility, so make arrangements before

    Derby time!

10. The Derby will be comprised of 5 individual heats and a “Free For All” for the first 10 cars repaired and back in line within the time set by the officials.

Then a “Grande Finale” with cash prizes. The Finale will be comprised of the winners of each heat. RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE TO FIT

11. Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on the condition of the track and derby area. A drivers and pit crew meeting will be held

before the derby for additional announcements and heat assignments.
12. Car numbers will be assigned when registration is received. Derby officials will attach a metal sign with vehicle # to the roof of all derby vehicles,

please do not put a # on the sides of vehicle until you have a # assigned to you.
15. NEW! There must be a bar or chain welded or bolted to the top of the roof and top of the dash area, in the center of the windshield.






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