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Bleacher campaign

The Aluminum Bleacher Capital Campaign is a fund-raiser dedicated to the purchasing of new, safe, bleachers for the Northern Maine Fairgrounds.

Get your permanent engraved 3”X1” nameplate on a bleacher seat by donating $150 or donate more and get additional perks!

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Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Code of Conduct 
In order to provide a safe and pleasant family-oriented environment, the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Board asks all our participants and attendees for your cooperation in complying with the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair’s Code of Conduct. 
Anyone attending events either as a spectator, exhibitor, advisor, volunteer, parent, superintendent, judge, committee member or fair official and staff must conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the utmost respect for others. 
This code of conduct and rules are applicable to any event held at the Northern Maine Agricultural Fairgrounds, including but not limited to meetings, clinics, contests, shows, annual fair, etc. Consequences to violating this code of conduct may include but are not limited to: 
· Verbal Warning
· Written Warning
· Removal from Fairgrounds
· Suspension, reduction and/or loss of premiums or prize monies · Loss of future show privileges
· Loss of privilege to be on the Fairgrounds property 
The act of making an entry in the fair, participating, and/or attending any event on the Northern Maine Agricultural Fairgrounds is giving verification that you will abide by the code of conduct and understand the consequences of and penalties provided for actions prohibited by the code. 
Spectators, Exhibitors, Advisors, Volunteers, Parents, Family Members, Superintendents, Judges, Committee Members and Fair Officials and Staff MUST:
· Be responsible for your own behavior/conduct and uphold high standards for the group and accept consequences for inappropriate behavior - Adults have a special responsibility to set positive examples and serve as positive role models for youth by what they do and say. 
· Support and abide by the rules set forth by the Fair Board, Superintendents, Committees and Clubs · Practice good citizenship, leadership and self-governance
· Follow the direction of staff
· Demonstrate positive sportsmanship and attitudes at all times 
· Be courteous and respectful to others
· Use appropriate language at ALL times
· Respect and adhere to guidelines of the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Code of Conduct an all rules and regulations that apply to participation/competition 
Behavior, Conduct, and Activities Not Permitted at events held at the Northern Maine Agricultural Fairgrounds: 
· Unsportsmanlike, unethical, immoral conduct
· Improper language (i.e., profanity)
· Bullying, intimidation, belittling
· Threats of bodily harm to any person or persons pets/livestock. · Soliciting other fairgoers outside paid booth spaces
· Possession or consumption of alcohol (Except at Fair Board approved events or at the Beer Booth) · Possession or consumption of 
illegal drugs, including the use of tobacco by a minor
· Possession or use of weapons or fireworks (Except with prior approval from Fair Board)
· Possession or use of harmful objects with the intent to harm or intimidate others
· Destruction of property
· Postings, listings, pictures, and clothing that are deemed inappropriate on fairgrounds or on social media forums. 
The leadership of the Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Board may act on conduct violations at any time with the assistance of the law enforcement personnel when the situation warrants. The Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Board reserves the right to remove any person, at their discretion, from the grounds who violates Code of Conduct. The Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Board of Directors reserves the right to amend, change or add to these rules and regulations as they, in their judgement, may deem advisable. All Northern Maine Agricultural Fair Board of Directors decisions are Final. 
Thank you for your cooperation in making the Northern Maine Agricultural Fairgrounds a safe and enjoyable environment for all. 






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